Mark Wanders – Member at Large

Mark Wanders – Member at Large

A challenging question often asked of any one of Mark’s 7 children is, “So what’s your dad doing these days?” They’re not always sure what to say. “He’s busy with a few things.” Because it’s slightly complicated. Mark sold the bulk of his 35-year landscape company to his oldest son, but then still works with him regularly. He’s also a landlord, helps out on their hobby farm, has a pruning side hustle and a camping side hustle, does some woodworking, teaches high-school part-time, does marriage enrichment and mentoring with his wife Joanne of 32 years, blogs regularly at The Artisan Post, and is a foster dad. He and his family have always been involved with people with developmental disabilities, and, combined with Mark’s love for music, Momentum was a natural fit. He was asked to join the board in early 2023.

Maybe the hobby farm and folks connected to Momentum could overlap? Like some visits with a little singing?

And if you come, you’ll probably find Mark outside in the sunshine, either on a machine, in the garden, or by the pool side. Nothing like being around a little dirt, a little greenery, and some water, to clear the mind and revive the soul.

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