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June 6, 2017
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Momentum Choir

Mendelt Hoekstra wins St. Catharines Arts Award

Momentum Choir is thrilled to acknowledge Mendelt Hoekstra’s recent win at the St. Catharines Arts Awards in the Art in Education category.

The St. Catharines Arts Awards were created in 2005  to recognize and celebrate excellence in all areas of artistic creation. They seek to increase the visibility of St. Catharines arts and cultural industries while honoring cultural leaders and their achievements, but also cultivate financial and volunteer support for the arts sector.

Mendelt Hoekstra, Momentum’s Executive and Artistic Director, was nominated under both two different arts award categories including Art in Education and Making a Difference. He joined 21 additional nominees in five different categories who were honoured as cultural leaders.

Upon hearing his name called as the Arts in Education Award recipient, Mendelt noted to the crowd that he ad been nominated multiple times throughout the years, but this was his first win. He also pointed out that “No community is whole unless all of the voices are heard” and thanked choir members acknowledging that they “live with courage and inspire everyone who witnesses your art.”

Part of the choir was also in attendance and performed for the audience. The evening kicked off the second annual Mayor’s Arts Fund Reception in the foyer of the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre.


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