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November 12, 2016
Momentum Choir

Momentum Choir performs on-stage with Classic Rock Legend Foreigner

Momentum Choir in concert November 11 & 12

Momentum Choir was thrilled to be on-stage at the Avalon Theatre this Friday with a legendary classic rock band, Foreigner.

With record-breaking chart standings and millions of albums sold, the collaboration was an opportunity they just couldn’t refuse. The opportunity came about with an unexpected phone call.

Executive and Artistic Director Mendelt Hoekstra recalls the quiet evening at home musing over the current event line up when the phone rang. “At first I thought someone was pulling my leg” recalls Hoekstra. The caller informed him they represented the band Foreigner and they were looking for a chorus in Niagara to work with for their upcoming show at Casino Niagara.

“Would we like the opportunity to sing on stage with Foreigner in the Avalon Ballroom? Absolutely!” Momentum has done collaborations before, but this is by the most famous artist they’ve worked with. When asked about what it meant to the choir, Hoekstra was enthused.

“We’re obviously thrilled, not just because of the collaboration, but because of how hard our members have worked for the past ten years. Each of our musicians are challenged by a disability every day of their life. An opportunity like this not only gives them validation, it also allows them to grow as a professional performer.”

Momentum’s performance featured only 12 of it’s choir members for the accompaniment, largely due to logistical reasons. Those performing sang to a sold out audience on both evenings to “I Want to Know What Love Is” along with the band. The participants recalled the event as exhilarating, memorable and a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing with an internationally established recording artist. “It was a dream come true,” recalls Hoekstra.

“Hopefully this opens the door for many more collaborative performances. This was an amazing opportunity to showcase the talents of musicians with disabilities and helps to break down barriers for these artists.”

Momentum’s next collaboration is with McMaster University Choir on February 11, 2017. Event details and ticket information can be found at

Please visit our Photo Gallery to view photos and video of this event.

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